Puma Golf x Duvin

Puma Golf x Duvin


"Puma Goes On Vacation"

Designed on the balmy beaches of Florida, with the help of our friend Rickie Fowler and the Puma team. Retro-Florida style meets California cool. 

Rickie and Duvin Co-Founder, Shaun O’Meara, grew up playing junior golf together. “Rickie was a big motocross guy, and I loved to surf and skate. I think we connected in that aspect, while we both had a passion for golf, we also had interests in action sports. He’s always been super supportive of Duvin and what we’re building.” - Shaun

We were stoked to partner up with a legendary brand like Puma and put our spin on the collection. It’s been a couple years in the works now, but we are really proud of how this turned out. 

Take a look around and stay a while!