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In The Press: POPSUGAR "What to Wear on Vacation"

A quick shoutout to our friend Sarah Wasilak at POPSUGAR for another feature, you're a legend! 

Sarah Wasilak: "What is one staple item - be it clothing, shoe, or accessory - that you think every traveler should own, no matter where they are headed, that you always try to keep in stock?

Austin: "A good packable unstructured hat. Preferably nylon or some sort of quick dry material. You won’t be worried about crushing it when you throw it in a bag, but will pop back when needed. My go-to especially if I am headed any where warm & tropical.

nylon hat


Sarah Wasilak: "Are there any 2022 travel fashion trends you foresee being big this year?

Austin Duvall: "Trends from 70’s and 80’s still will be pushing strong. Nostalgic branding, colors, and style will continue to hit. The trends seem to work for every age, but younger generations seem to be really locking in to a retro look"

old school prints

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