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In The Press: Fashion360 Magazine "1980's Vintage Surf Inspired Collection"

Duvin Design Co., the Official Uniform of People Who Hate Uniforms, is pleased to unveil the latest collection for Spring 2022, inspired by the surf aesthetic of the 80’s with a modern twist. Featuring breezy materials made for easy living, the collection tunes into travelers on holiday enjoying vibrant sunsets, fresh citrus, salty waters, and ice-cold beers. With this latest collection release, Duvin continues to expand their signature design philosophy, while continuing to have fun through every step of the process.

light blue matching shirt and swim shorts

SHOP: Tropical Floral Swim Short | Duvin Design Co.

Duvin was started by a group of lifelong friends – Austin Duvall, Garrett Watzka, and Shaun O’Meara – on the balmy beaches of Florida in 2010. With most popular surf brands historically based in California, the trio realized there was limited representation of the Florida surf scene – a region ripe with interesting history and a unique design philosophy. As native Floridians, this became the brand’s talisman and distinctive point of view, which continues to drive all aspects of the brand voice today.

model standing behind air boat

SHOP: Tropical Coconut Buttonup Shirt | Duvin Design Co.

In this collection, Duvin has imbued their signature pastels, garment dyes, worn textures, vintage-inspired shapes and good vibes into a thoroughly modern vision of the 80’s surf aesthetic. You’ll see new designs for the brand’s most popular styles, including: short sleeve button ups, swim trunks, lounge shorts, golf polos, and a range of graphic tees.

This season also sees the debut of a new signature look – the border style Cabana Sets. A Duvin update on a famous tropical style, the button up and shorts combo is highlighted by strict border prints rather than an all-over print style, as seen in previous iterations of the brand’s collections. The style is accompanied by an oversized back hit on the shirt, adding just the right amount of graphic elements essential to the Duvin vision.

standing in the swamp wearing jetski shirt

SHOP: Coastal Buttonup Shirt | Duvin Design Co.

The Duvin team understands that trends come and go, but in the end, a few main concepts have carried the brand through some remarkable growth. Pastels and bright colors are implemented in unexpected combinations, connected to large patterns and prints reminiscent of Florida’s saturated hues and colorful architecture. The fabrics are super soft and breathable, complemented by effortless fits that seamlessly integrate into an outdoor tropical lifestyle – easily transitioning from sunny mornings to mild evenings.

flying flamingo yellow party shirt

SHOP: Flying Flamingo Buttonup Shirt | Duvin Design Co.

“Spring 22 is the culmination of years spent crafting the kick back and relax style,” says Austin Duvall, Duvin’s Creative Director. “The line represents Duvin planting our umbrella in the sand as the internet’s go-to beach brand.”

model standing in front of old ford tractor

SHOP: Happy Hour Buttonup Shirt | Duvin Design Co.

Duvin collections are produced in Los Angeles and internationally, with custom dyeing handled in Los Angeles and all printing done locally in Orlando. Almost twelve years after producing their first tees, the brand is sold in over 130 retailers across 10 countries and is worn by athletes and celebrities from all walks of life. Though the brand’s ethos is based in a surf lifestyle, it has grown through the years to encompass a growing clientele of all genders, including creatives, musicians, skaters, party starters and fashion enthusiasts alike. What started as product based in surf culture has evolved into a fashion brand that caters to anyone looking to have a good time enjoying the sun.

FULL ARTICLE: Duvin Design’s 1980’s Vintage Surf Inspired Collection | Fashion 360 Magazine

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