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kygo black palm tree shirt and pants

In The Press: Billboard "Duvin x Palm Tree Crew"

Well, we tried to keep this one a secret... But the cats out of the bag. We are stoked to announce our collab with Palm Tree Crew dropping this summer. We've got some big things dialed up for this collab, so stay tuned!

Check out the Full Interview Here: How Kygo Is Building His Brand and Legacy – Billboard

kygo cover of billboard magazine outfit

The Palm Tree Brand, "is designed to attract Kygo fans interested in the boats-and-beaches lifestyle he is both soundtracking and selling through Palm Tree's myriad investments" - Katie Bain, Billboard kygo standing on dock wearing matching bathing suit

We want to take a quick moment to welcome the newest member to The Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang, Kygo. To say this man is a legend would be an understatement and we are fortunate to have him in the gang. 

kygo black palm tree pants and shirt

Shirt: Palmy Buttonup | Duvin Design Co.

Pants: Palmy Beach Pant | Duvin Design Co.

Billboard describes Kygo best, "This innate sense of chill also extends to what Kygo says yes to, like the production of a breezy strain of pop-forward music dubbed 'tropical house', which he began releasing nine years ago. Effervescent and accessible, often outfitted with steel drums and bongos - as well as a bright chorus with chopped vocals that has become known as Kygo's signature - it's music made for kicking back on the beach" 

Original Article: How Kygo Is Building His Brand and Legacy – Billboard

Photos by Meredith Jenks: Kygo Photos From the Billboard Cover Shoot – Billboard

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