Duvin's Loyalty Program Is Live-The Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang

Duvin is stoked to announce the launch of our brand new loyalty program- "The Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang"! We know it has been a long time coming, but we promise the wait is worth it. After months of planning and preparation we are finally dialed and ready to give back to our loyal mingos.

Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang members can earn points the following ways: points for every dollar spent, submitting reviews, following Duvin and the filthy flamingos on Instagram, birthday bonuses, photo reviews, and a hefty signup bonus for the gang!

Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang members are able to redeem their points in an even easier fashion. It's simple... Every 100 points equals $1 off your next purchase! 

We did our best to keep the loyalty program as straightforward as possible, but we are always open for suggestions. Hearing from the gang is what keeps us going and always improving. Feel free to reach out to me directly at 407-214-5081 with any ideas, comments, concerns, or stoke. 

With all that being said, welcome to Duvin's new loyalty program- The Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang! Hope yew all enjoy!


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