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Mark O'Meara and son playing golf

Who We're Watching: Shaun and Mark O'Meara vs. Charlie and Tiger Woods

Shaun and Mark O'Meara are back at it again. This time at the PNC Championship in Orlando, FL. Team O'Meara is no stranger to the tournament and when asked about this year's event Shaun replied, "Even though I spent most of the year bass fishing, I think it's our best chance in the last 5 years". The biggest showdowns of the weekend will take place between the top three PGA Tour father-son duos: Shaun and Mark O'Meara, Charlie and Tiger Woods, and Mike and Justin Thomas. 

Dylan Dethier from Golf.com writes, "Mark O'Meara has spent his golf career very much blending into the PGA Tour's aesthetic. Shaun, on the other hand, would prefer to shake things up a little bit. That seems to be his personality as well as his profession." 

Check out the full article here: Tiger Woods is only one reason to watch the PNC — here are the others (golf.com)

Mark Omeara and son PNC golf tournament

While Mark O'Meara may do some of the heavy lifting on the golf course this year. Shaun is cruising into the weekend with a look good, feel good, play good approach. Do not be surprised to see some of golf's best polos on display this weekend. Rumor has it that Shaun has a unique golf polo for each day of the tournament... Cannot confirm or deny (even though he's next to me).


Happy Hour Polo | Duvin Design Co.


Poolside Cheetah Polo | Duvin Design Co.


Tie Dye Polo | Duvin Design Co.


The Club Polo | Duvin Design Co.

Let's take a look at some of Shaun's best golf outfits through the years. 

shaun omeara golf hipster

mark omeara and son golfing

mark omears son caddying the british open


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