Who We're Following: Lucas Beaufort
I mean, maybe you’ve heard of him, he is kind of a big deal. Lucas is a French artist who makes everything that is fun, way more fun. Skate, Snow, Surf, urban style, brand crossover, hotel inspos, some great travel, you name it, this guy has you covered with his colorful design and caricatures. His current main intrigue is his genuinely generated Gus Gus, a penciled birdlike being who does all the super rad things we want to do! He’s been dropping hits on Instagram since 2013, and has quite a following, that I would imagine has been around from the get go and never dropped out. Gus Gus has even become a popular tattoo choice for his biggest fans. Believe me, it’s on the back of my mind. He also has a current hot combo with The James Brand, throwing up some handy (and sharp) accessories. Besides being an artist, he is embracing the industry, as the creator of The Art Camp, a five day festival featuring twenty awesome artists from around the world and welcoming the rest. This guy’s art is touching everyone around the globe, bringing some color and absolute good vibes to everything it’s splashed on. 
Check out his official: and his IG: @lucas_beaufort
March 16, 2020 — Nolan Fox