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Where We're Looking: Vancouver Island

The best kept secret on the North American Continent? That might be an overstatement from a Florida grom, regardless this place has way more potential than we ever imagined. Still not sure what has me more stoked on this article - the photos or the waves up in the motherland. Enjoy some of our favorite photos below and check out the full article here.

 Through the Lens: Vancouver Island, by Marcus Paladino - Surfline

vancouver Island surf

“Though this appears to be a perfect wedge, Pete Devries was probably paddling with a full head of steam, in a race towards the end section, as it always seems to come at you way quicker than anticipated out here. As you can see, it’s one of the most serene and gorgeous places to both surf and photograph. This looks like an extra-dreamy evening out there.”

canadian morning surf

“Glowing morning at a favourite haunt close to home. This is sort of our winter solace from the countless rainy days at the beachbreaks in Tofino that most often clutter the winter calendar.” Noah Cohen.

night surf canada

“Andy “Disco” Jones is a Canadian who learned the tricks of the trade in Australia. He rides almost every board imaginable, and rides them all very well. Calling it a day under a full moon and groomed, offshore lines.”

surf aerial canada

“Pete going wayyy too high for a wave this size. He got this Black Baron twinny from JS and just rides the thing so insanely well. He seems to get even more pop on the punts with it than normal. So fun to watch.”

surfing with birds

 “Young upstart Reed Platenius, just looking to fly with the flock.”

cold winter barrel

“I love the colours in this thing! Pete gets a lot of good waves when this chunk of reef is on. This is probably one of many on the day…”

sunset waves rolling into beach

“Fire in the sky, atop Cox Bay. This photo to me just tells the story of how special our little corner is. That is the beach most of us learned to surf at, spend countless hours each week, month and year there, yet this photo still feels magic to me.”

hang five disco

“Disco Jones living up to his moniker on an aquatic dance floor.”

morning swell in vancouver

“Morning glory! I actually remember this day well. The forecast looked like, 12/10 and the whole town showed up expecting the day of the year. I watched Mulcoy paddle out in the darkness and get a crazy tube, then the sets steadily declined after that. I still would’ve been happy to catch this one, though, haha.”

surf check canada

“Pretty surprised the six of them remained standing still with waves like this one breaking. I hope they got their asses in gear the moment the shutter clicked on this image…”

frontside slash coldwater

“Josh Mulcoy doing as he does: sitting at the wide peak and ruling. I could watch this guy surf right points all day. I just wish he’d paddle to the peak and tell us a joke or two once in a while…”

overhead surfer in barrel

“MP captures MD enjoying the rare Cox Bay cavern.”

mathea olin surfing in the snow

“Mathea Olin punches it on one of the snowiest days I can recall at home. We tend to get the odd annual dusting, but rarely do we see ample amounts of the white stuff. This day had the sickest little rip-bowl right too — a photographer’s dream!”

surf camping

“Mathea again, on the nose in solitude. We did a three-day camping trip to a remote island away from town. We surfed playful righthanders, slept under moonlit skies, and were watched upon by wolves as they pawed wearily past our campsite towards the creek for a drink.”

sunrise surfing in vancouver

“Sanoa Olin, alit on the morning rock-walk, from the aforementioned camping trip.”

december surfing

“Another chilly December dawn paired with glowing sunshine and blustery outflows. They make for a bumpy wave face out here, but at least they’re good for airs. Sadly, this was the last one I did for a month or two after re-aggravating an already torn ACL.”

FULL ARTICLE: Through the Lens: Vancouver Island, by Marcus Paladino - Surfline 

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