World's Best Bars

Where We're Looking: The 50 Best Bars

A little surprised our local Florida watering hole didn't top the list of 50 Best Bars in the World, but you can't win them all. We went ahead and changed up the article a bit and did our own Top 10. Since we haven't been to any place on the list we reverted to a list of bars we'd drink at. Cruise 10 of our favorites below and the full list of 50 HERE - Have a day! 

Bar with big mirrors 

 BKK Social Club, Bangkok

blue painted bar

CoChinChina, Buenos Aires

gin bar in london

Connaught Bar, London

long bar in new york city

Double Chicken Please, NYC

bar in rome with neon sign and lasers 

 Drink Kong, Rome

Hanky Panky  

Hanky Panky, Mexico City

outdoor bar with pastel painting

Juliana, Guayaquil

bar in barcelona

Paradiso, Barcelona

red frog bar

 Red Frog, Lisbon

two shmucks bar

Two Shmucks, Barcelona

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