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Dakar beach photo with ocean and boats

Where We're Looking: The 49 Coolest Neighborhoods

A carefully curated list of some under appreciated neighborhoods across the globe. While our list may have included a few more beach breaks and exotic parties, this is a great start to an epic list. What makes up these rankings? "Food, drink, nightlife, culture- important. Community spirit, resilience, sustainability-just as important". We have dialed in 25 spots from this list for your enjoyment below. 

 sidewalk in norrebro, copenhagen

 1. Norrebro, Copenhagen

This diverse district, on the northern side of Copenhagen’s lakes, is a dazzling blend of historic landmarks, ultramodern architecture and food and drink joints to make this famously gourmet city proud.

city lights in andersonville chicago

2. Andersonville, Chicago 

The district has always been a desirable place to live, but its proximity to beaches and coastal parks has only made it more appealing during the pandemic.

Jogno 3-ga, Seoul Korea street photo

3. Jongno 3-GA, Seoul

This neighbourhood’s real charm lies in the grandfathers huddled around boards of baduk in Tapgol Park, the cart vendors selling traditional toffee on Songhae-gil, the jewellery shops for every occasion, the restaurants serving North Korean food and the many hidden cafés and beer houses.

 leith shipyard photo edinburgh

4. Leith, Edinburgh

Once Scotland’s main trade port, Leith’s connection to industry stretches back centuries. Today, however, the north Edinburgh neighbourhood is better known as a cultural hotspot, home to big arts institutions and up-and-coming businesses alike.

station district statue Vilnius Tony Soprano

5. Station District, Vilnius

With self-proclaimed ‘Artists’ Republic’ Užupis now very much gentrified, Vilnius’s creative soul resides in the Station District. Here you’ll find the city’s best street art: murals, giant Tony Sopranos and sculptures jammed onto neoclassical buildings (you’ll find the latter at Kablys, a riotous nightclub with Berghain-style door policy).

chelsea newyork street art photo

6. Chelsea, New York 

When it comes to green space, sustainability and community development, this part of town has been setting trends all cities could follow, from new floating park Little Island to the south and Moynihan Train Hall in the north.

 XI District Budapest park photo

7. XI District, Budapest

Until recently, visitors only came to Budapest’s XI District (also known as Újbuda) for the art-nouveau Gellért Baths, but today it rivals the downtown districts in Pest.

Dakar beach photo

8. Ngor, Dakar

Life in Ngor is all about the Atlantic. From the locals unwinding and exercising in Ngor bay to the divers and surfers dotted around its coast, this lively part of the Senegalese capital sure knows how to make the most of its epic scenery.

sai kung outdoor market

9. Sai Kung, Hong Kong

With its idyllic beaches, picturesque hiking trails and well-preserved country parks, no wonder Sai Kung is so often dubbed the ‘back garden of Hong Kong’.

 Richmond Melbourne street art and restaurants

10. Richmond, Melbourne

There are three distinct vibes here: Victoria Street is Melbourne’s go-to destination for Vietnamese food; Bridge Road is known for its factory outlets, both fashion and furniture; and Swan Street brims with some of the suburb’s best restaurants and cafés. 

neukolln people gathering in a berlin park

11. Neukolln, Berlin

The past decade has seen buzzy bars, boutiques and restaurants pop up all over this southeastern district, but its multicultural atmosphere survives, with plenty of grocers and cafés run by immigrant families who have long called Neukölln home.

centro medellin capital photo

12. Centro, Medellin

You can get a fancy artisanal beer at an indoor market, but still drink it out on the pavement with some salted mango biche from a street vendor. Music will ring out. An alluring mix of second-hand goods will be laid out at your feet. And the buzz very much won’t have gone away.

 dalston london theater and people walking the street

13. Dalston, London

Dalston also still retains its moral compass. It has vegan cafés and second-hand shops in abundance, and the highest number of streets covered by Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London. This year, in particular, it’s shown other parts of London how progressive our neighbourhoods can be: it became the epicentre of the takeaway pint, streets were pedestrianised widely, ‘parklets’ abounded.

silver lake LA at night

14. Silver Lake, Los Angeles

We’d point to the district’s ability to radiate carefree vibes in the face of lingering uncertainty. It’s a place where you can stretch out on a colourfully painted stair hike, swing by the Saturday farmers’ market and picnic with friends by the reservoir. The expansion of Sunset Boulevard’s see-and-be-seen sidewalk seating has kept the street buzzing with life

Dublin 8 swans swimming in front of building

15. Dublin 8, Dublin

Dublin 8 captures the essence and charm of the Irish capital to a tee. With much of the city being built up with cookie-cutter hotels and skyscrapers, this nook has retained much of its original architecture.

 Zoloti Vorota castle and tourists

16. Zoloti Vorota, Kyiv

Where once there was a glorious entrance to medieval Kyiv, now you’ll find a fascinating neighbourhood that oozes energy and creativity. Reitarska, Yaroslaviv Val, Striletska and Honchara streets, right in the heart of Old Kyiv, are changing with meteor speed.

noord amersterdam party scene

17. Noord, Amsterdam

When the shipbuilders moved out of Amsterdam Noord at the end of the twentieth century, the squatters and artists moved in, creating a bohemian edge that persists to this day. Now replete with amazing coffee shops and restaurants, Noord has blossomed into a laid-back, entrepreneurial hub for those looking to escape the scrum of the centre.

 villeray montreal street with lots of people

18. Villeray, Montreal

After a difficult stop-start reopening, Montrealers seemed to unanimously agree that they'd get out there and make the most of 2021. Villeray was the place to do just that: its streets and gemstone parks became oases where locals would simply gather and make the most of one another’s company – exactly what the city needed after a long and lonely lockdown winter.

 surry hills downtown street restaurant

19. Surry Hills, Sydney

The underworld ‘razor warriors’ of yesteryear would barely recognise the leafy streets of Surry Hills today, lined with chic cafés, boutiques and some of Sydney’s most revered restaurants and bars.

ancoats manchester lake with ducks swimming

20. Ancoats, Manchester

What makes Ancoats, the onetime home of Manchester’s cotton mills, so damn magical? For one thing, the almost cliched blend of past and present which is visible on every street, with super-stylish new developments springing up on roads named after notorious street gangs from the city’s past.

 Sagene Oslo park downtown

21. Sagene, Oslo

With its cosy cafés and restaurants, historic buildings, large parks and one seriously impressive neo-Gothic church, Sagene feels very far removed from the city’s slick new developments.

Old xuhui shanghai fancy restaurant

22. Old Xuhui, Shanghai

Its tree-lined lanes might have you thinking this is a sleepy side of town, but don’t be mistaken: Old Xuhui is alive and flourishing. This has always been one of Shanghai’s buzziest neighbourhoods, and these days it’s filled with sleek coffee shops that double as natural wine bars by night.

centro mexico city dragon on building art

23. Centro, Mexico City

Why is Centro the coolest neighbourhood in CDMX in 2021? During the pandemic, the heart of the country shut down. But then Centro got inventive.

gracia barcelona outdoor marketplace with restaurants

24. Gracia, Barcelona

Everyone in Barcelona knows that once you move to Gràcia, you’re very unlikely ever to leave.

saude rio de janerio train pulling up to olympic park

25. Saude, Rio de Janeiro

To the north of the city centre, Saúde’s cobbled streets and alleyways offer a slice of respite away from Rio’s frenetic downtown. Visitors will discover charming old bars, beautiful Portuguese architecture and fascinating sites such as Pedra do Sal, whose history weaves together slavery, African heritage and samba.


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