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ocean cleanup rig the jenny in action

What We're Stoked About: The Ocean Cleanup Rig

It's about friggin time! This Ocean Cleanup rig, called system 002 or "Jenny", is on pace to delete half the plastic in the ocean in just 5 years. Want to hear something better? Boyan Slat, the Dutch inventor of system 002, estimates that 90% of the plastic in the ocean will be gone by 2040. Cheers to yew Boyan for accomplishing this incredible feat and creating our new favorite girl, "Jenny". 

researchers on board the ocean cleanup rig jenny plastic being dumped on the ocean cleanup rig

How does Jenny work?

Two boats drag a very long U-shaped net behind them, working with ocean currents and computer modelling to predict where the ocean will be shifting the plastic, while nets are at the ready to be filled and pulled on board. From there, the plastic is brought ashore for recycling and used to create other products. 

man in pile of plastic sorting for recycling

plastic floating in the patch in the pacific ocean

It is estimated that there are over 1.5 million pieces of plastic trash floating around our oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is currently three times the size of France and is chilling off the coast of Hawaii and California. This gigantic floating island of plastic waste is continuously expanding by forming it's own whirlpools that pull plastic from thousands of miles away into a smaller radius. 

 collected pile of plastic on the cleanup rig jenny

Original Article Here: Huge News: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Can Be Cleaned! (


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