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A peek inside the world's greatest record store... "The building is listing like the tower of Pisa because he's got five million records in there". Sounds like the filthy flamingos need a trip to Philly- maybe watch Brad Miller and Bryce Harper play too? 

Read Full Article Here: A Peek Inside the World's Greatest Record Store | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine


This guy is about as Philly tough as it gets though, The story reads" stepping inside I was confronted by a scene of overwhelming chaos and claustrophobic madness. Vinyl records were stack on shelves to the high ceiling, with insanely narrow aisles between the towering stacks, and debris and garbage everywhere. The store hadn't been cleaned in decades. Cats prowled around. A plastic skeleton hung from the ceiling with a sign on its midriff: "The last guy we caught stealing!!!" Another sign read, "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be prosecuted."

"And there in a small island of space, sitting on a scarred old desk heaped with rolodexes, vinyl 45s, crumpled trash and random novelty items, was the white-haired emperor of this extraordinary domain. When he said, "Fat people can't come in here," he was not stating a policy. He was describing a physical reality. Levinson and I were of average girth, but the only way we could fit through the aisle to Shively's desk was to turn sideways and shuffle".


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