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What We're Reading: How To Stop Worrying

We're approaching peak season here at The Duvin Beach Club, so it's time to leave your worries at the door and enjoy your stay. We're looking to our friends at Mr. Porter to help get our minds right for an electric summer at The Duvin Beach Club. Check out a few of our favorite ways to clear the mind before an eventful summer and the full article of 33 ways to stop worrying below. Have a day! 

Full Article Link: 33 Ways To Stop Worrying 

Sleeping on the beach

1. Write It Down

2. Hone Sleeping Habits 

3. Make Worries Wait 

4. Filter Out The Impossible

5. Plan Out Your Attack

vintage photo of blowing bubbles

6. Blow Bubbles

7. Work Backwards

8. Spot Worry Traits

9. Know Your Triggers

10. Breathe To Ease

11. Go To Ground

12. Use The Worry Tree (Part 1)

13. Use The Worry Tree (Part 2)

vintage newspaper

14. Switch Off The News

15. Or Change Channel

16. Talk Yourself Down

17. Balance Things Out

18. Be Mindful

19. Don't Reach For The Bottle

20. Run Away

vintage hiking photo

21. Take A Hike

22. Even Better, Walk In The Woods

23. Don't Be Shy About Sharing

24. Get Fresh

25. Be Nice To Yourself

26. Question Your Anxieties

27. Eat Mindfully

28. Stick To What You Can Control

outdoor meditation

29. Master Meditation 

30. Tense And Relax Your Muscles

31. Learn To Live With Uncertainty

32. Make Conscious Choices

33. Reflect The Pluses

Full Article Here: 33 Ways To Stop Worrying 




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