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What We're Reading About: The 70s Revivalists

The Filthy Flamingos have been pushing this envelope for a few years. Now we are just stoked to see the style revival in full effect. Hunting for some vintage looking threads? We've got you dialed.

"You can’t really call this lot a “subculture”, per se, because the 70s are fucking everywhere in fashion right now, so they’re really just taking what’s in the shops and running with it." -Lauren O'Neill

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When thinking about the 70s Revivalists, and why there are so many of them right now, there’s also a Gen Z-shaped elephant in the room, which is the younger, cooler generation’s embrace of largely unflattering Y2K fashion. Seventeen year old's are heralding the return of Von Dutch, cargo pants and that red mark-leaving harbinger of body dysmorphia, the low rise (they are, of course, not old enough to remember the psychic scars it left the first time around). Twenty-seven year old's are looking to their own version of getting in on a trend that happened before they were born.

Seventies fashion feels more adult than its 90s and 00s counterparts – or at least it does in its 2021 incarnation. High waisted, leg-lengthening, flared trousers abound for all genders, while the fairly universally complimentary shag and mullet haircuts.

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It’s not new to say that we live in a feedback loop, or that the culture of the past is frequently recycled by our own. One of the reasons for this is innocent and obvious: We have the internet now, we can see cool shit online, and we want to try these fashions and tastes out for ourselves.

Another reason is more depressing and insidious. We turn to the culture of the past because this is just what mainstream culture does now. We reboot and re-do, rehash and regurgitate, as nonsensical origin stories of characters nobody much cared for in the first place dominate culture. The 70s Revival and its loyal Revivalists are part of that, but aesthetically, at least, there are worse trends to embrace than a decent jeans silhouette and two minute long guitar solos. 

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