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lake dolores waterpark

What We're Reading About: Lake Dolores "Waterpark"

The legendary Lake Dolores waterpark has recently been listed for $11million. We have been watching videos of this place since we were groms and can't stand the thought of seeing it go. Ideal scenario- Tony Hawk buys the place and recreates Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5. We can dream right?

lake dolores skate park

skate park in the middle of desert

At this point we can only hope that someone comes in with an effort to preserve the rich art and skate history that now surrounds this location. 

graffiti art at old skate park

waterpark rundown graffiti

lake dolores skate park tony hawk

It has been almost two decades since the Mojave Desert, California park was abandoned in 2004 after three attempted launches and closures over the past 60 years.

“I’ve visited the park several times over the years since it was first abandoned, and each time it is slightly more decayed and weather-beaten – not to mention covered in spray paint,” said the Nevada photographer Shaun, who took the photos in mid-September and asked his last name not be used.

water park entrance gate rundown graffiti photo

lake dolores skate park

lake dolores waterpark from above

And of course we cannot complete this article without a little video showing this place in it's hayday. See video below: 

 lake dolores water park at dusk

See the full article here: Famed California waterpark is 250 acres of abandoned decay (


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