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jonah hill split photo with cigarette

Jonah Hill is a crowd favorite at the warehouse. We've been watching his films since we were groms, and are stoked to hear that he's now out in the water everyday. While this is a great article, the photos are even more unbelievable. See more below:

jonah hill yellow robe in lawn chair

jonah hill pink jacket split photo

jonah hill split robe beard photo

The article explains, "That film has been its own therapeutic process, and Hill speaks openly and eagerly about his mental health. He looks well too: His hair is blond, he’s wearing a blue-and-purple tie-dyed T-shirt, and he’s got the warmed-over complexion of an everyday surfer, which he’s become over the past couple of years. McKay is immediately heartened by how relaxed his pal looks, and their conversation quickly swells to encompass the power of therapy, the myth of the tortured artist, and the square-dancing movie they’re definitely going to make next." —Sam Schube

See the full article here: Jonah Hill on the Myth of the Dark Artist and the Secret to Happiness | GQ


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