five guys take the same photo for 40 years

What We're Reading: 5 Guys Take Same Photo for 40 Years

These five legends have achieved what I thought was impossible - getting 5 of your homies in the same place for 40 years, and to take it one step further get a picture every year. Regardless, we are stoked they made it happen. Cruise the full article by Paul Vercammen below and enjoy a few of our favorites from the collection. Have a day! 

Five guys take the same photo for 40 years | CNN Travel

five guys take the same photo for 40 years

Five friends' celebrated photo taken every five years at the same California lake is out for the world to see despite one man's recent cancer scare.
five guys take the same photo for 40years
They took photo No. 9 on Wednesday, 40 years after they shot the first in 1982 at a prefabricated cabin at Copco Lake along the California-Oregon border. 
five guys take the same photo for 40 years
Some of the guys openly feared it could be a photo of four friends this year instead of the five first pictured as teenagers.
40 years of tradition
They took the latest picture on a 79-degree day worthy of a travel brochure cover.
five guys take same photo for 40yrs
The fivesome dickered over their posture and froze as the photos clicked off on a Nikon D800 camera. They were seated in the same order and in the same poses as they've been striking since 1982.

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