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House built into a cliff

What We're Looking At: 9 Homes Built Into Cliffs

Taking a quick break from the usual beach and leisure activities to try and enjoy some exotic locations to travel to this winter. Check out a few of our favorites below and the full article HERE. Have a day! 

home built into mountain

1. Alpine Shelter Skuta by OFIS Architects

 house on cliff

2. Bivacco Brédy by BCW Collective

house on desert plateau

3. Casa MF by Alarciaferrer Arquitectos

house hanging off cliff over ocean

4. Cliff House by Modscape

house built into cliff over ocean

5. Cliff Retreat by Alex Hogrefe

cement house built into cliff

 6. Concrete House by Marià Castelló and José Antonio Molin

 house on desert mesa

7. Patio House by OOAK

two story house on hill

8. Lakehouse by Collective Project

house in the woods on a cliff

9. PR House by Triangular Arquitectos

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