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Warehouse Jams: Polo & Pan "Tunnel" ft. Channel Tres

Back-to-back collab features from some of our favorite artists...In this economy? We are cruising a little funkier vibe this week with Polo & Pan's latest single "Tunnel". Enjoy this melodic collab featuring the ambient rhythm of Polo & Pan coupled with Channel Tres' lyrical ability. Check out the official music video here and have a great rest of the week gang! 

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Pull up twenty deep

Bring the party to you
Y'all hoes got me weak
Don't make a nigga have to choose

Take me back
I remember
So I wanna go back
It's that feeling
I said take me back
I can hear the rhythm call to me

I know you seeking answers
In a doubtful place
I know you need defenses
This is not a race

I said take me back
That's what I say
I know you with it, my onus
That's what I say

Billie Jean fever, no freezer
Pants hold that crease up
He's a, she's a
Make you call Jesus
Make the fall leave us

You know I'm with the seasons
You see me like Yeezus
Said take me back
I remember
So I wanna go back, wanna go back, wanna go back
Back, back, back

Is this where we belong?
Still smoking strong
Still looking lost, still feel so wrong
Feeling so right
Follow the night, bump in the night
I drive through the night
As on my own
The custom Lambo
The custom Rambo
The custom pheromone
The custom Lambo, I know
Why he coming at me with the flow? No
I may throw
Why you tapping at me like the floor?
Girl, you wanna know
I bet you really wanna know
Can't stand me, can't blam me, can't handle me, no
Ah, shit, she find her way down
Down to the party
She find her way down
Act naughty

Now she walk to me, walk to me
To the left, and she looking at me right
Said take me back
I remember
So I wanna go back
It's that feeling
The way you moving
She like honking
You know I like that
Said take me back

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