The Best Situational Beers

Not all beer drinking moments feel the same. Sometimes there's a moment that just peaks as soon as you crack a cold one. It might also be a time when beer and the moment just have to go hand in hand. It sure helps that beer comes in so many glorious flavors. Every situation can have a favorite beer. For some, every situation is the same beer. Each to their own, but I think we can all agree on some of these key beer moments: 

The just got home from work beer: usually reserved for a bit later in the work week, but that depends on how the day went. Either way, you're in your safe space and need a crispy beverage. 

The getting ready to go out beer: this can sometimes be referred to as the "pregame", but let's chill that out a bit. I'm talking about one or two casuals to take the edge off before a big date night or a run in with the acquaintances. 

Afternoon vacation beer: this is best served with a great view and a lounger. This involves those moments that fit in between breakfast and not being ready to get off your ass and do something. Usually during the "planning" stages of the afternoon for what the evening should entail. 

The back yard beer: this is a personal favorite due to the ease of logistics. Grab a chair and set it on your favorite piece of grass and waste the day away. You earned it. Could be a big BBQ, could just be you and your closest people, as long as you're feeling at home. 

The first five minutes in the hotel room beer: Whether you're with that special someone or with the crew, a nice hotel stay is a treat that need not be wasted by not enjoying your favorite beer within minutes of stepping through that door. You have to get one in before you hit the water slides, or head down for dinner. 

The watching sports beer: Sports! Who cares what sport it is. If you're thirsty and moderately entertained, you're allowed to have a beer. It's called supporting the team. 

The your buddy randomly stopped in so you offer him a beer, beer: "You want a beer or something?". Don't be rude. Keep the fridge comfortably stocked for these spur of the moments. 

The night cap beer: for those not in the mood for a heavy night cap, a nice beer does the trick. During the winter months maybe a dark one. But it doesn't really matter, just something to sip on while you reflect on the amazing day you just had. 

I'm sure there are other great beer moments not listed here, and you can fill in the blanks with those. Life presents a lot of situations that require a beer. Some stand out more than others, but they all present a refreshing opportunity. 

March 11, 2020 — Nolan Fox