Some Wild West Filthy Flamingo Hot Spots

Here are a few filthy flamingo certified locations across the wild, wild west: 

  1. The Hotel Erwin at Venice Beach. This spot defines cool without trying to be cool. A little mix of surf, sand, skate, and just colorful vibes, this place has it all. There is a reason everyone raves about their High Rooftop Lounge. It literally had the best place to watch a west coast sunset, and once the sun goes down the party gets started. The atmosphere is chill from the Low of the hotel to the High. There are rooms to accommodate big crews and little ones. This one is in the heart of Venice and you can feel it while you're there. This one works for a chill writing holiday, or a blasting bachelor or bachelorette party. 

  2. Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego is a nice mix of near the action, but also a nice quiet place to take a breather and slam some patio drinks. It's a short walk to Mission Beach, with some stops on the way for essentials such as coffee, beer, tacos, boards, etc. A healthy motorized scooter ride to Pacific Beach, which can be treacherous your first time trying to weave through 6 person wide pathways, but worth the ride. I won't say San Diego is a hidden gem, because it's not hidden, but it is a lesser known amazing spot to hang for a few days. Maybe doll up in your shortest skinny pants and your freshest pattern collared and head to the races! Then you just slip on the trunks and go for a dip. All the while you have a peaceful homebase just footsteps away. 

  3. The W hotel in Scottsdale offers the pool party you need in your life, that is right in the heart of the desert. Make sure you have the flops on because that deck is one fire! Really a party of epic proportions, offering a case of potential heat stroke. Although if you stay hydrated and rock your best lid you should be fine. Whether you're a cabana boy or the type to wander aimlessly, there are good times to be had. It's a sad state of affairs when the moon is up and it's time to head off into the wild streets of Scottsdale, but it's an afternoon you'll never forget. 

  4. I just can't see myself being a filthy flamingo without having a stay at the classic Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. You better believe I loaded up on the flamingo attire for this venture. Just feeling at ease, like I'm part of the scenery. Gotta love this town, you just walk into the restaurants on the main floor of the Flamingo holding a beer and have it with your meal. What a deal. This one offers the GO POOL, which is a whole party story in itself, and keeps up with the newer hotels. That's what I love about the Flamingo, it's right where it needs to be, offers that classic charm we all love around here, and has everything you need whether you want to be rocking or just cruising. 


Stay Filthy, Flamingos.