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In The Press: Men's Health "Top Gun Halloween Costume"

"It's no secret dressing as Top Gun for Halloween is a classic costume go-to, but this year dressing like Maverick, Goose, or Rooster is not only easy but also time relevant. The only thing that could go wrong dressing as Top Gun for Halloween is a poorly made costume. Want to know how to really nail that Top Gun look this year? Go with more authentic garments instead of buying a cheap costume" - John Thompson

resort button up

If you go the Hawaiian shirt route you can really play up Rooster by snagging a ribbed white tank and some authentic aviator sunglasses. There's actually a shop making the exact same Hawaiian shirt Miles Teller wears when he's doing the "Great Balls of Fire" scene. For Goose, go with a blue Hawaiian shirt. This shirt from Duvin is stylish enough to go right into your summer wardrobe.

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