Furniture Fun with Amigo Modern ( aka Eric Trine)

Some of the most unique, fun, and well made furniture you are gonna find!

Amigo Modern, designed by Eric Trine has been a favorite of ours for a while.

A quick story about how we found/ met Eric - 

Years ago when we first started Duvin, we signed up for Agenda Tradeshow in California. It was going to be too expensive to build our booth and ship it out there from Florida. So when we came across Eric's instagram page and then discovered his studio was right down the street from the tradeshow, we decided to reach out. We asked him if there was any way he would let us borrow some furniture to make our booth completely bad ass and promote his brand as well... and the dude was cooler than we could have imagined. He got us so dialed in for the show and it's one of our favorite booths to date. 

One of the best parts about building this brand has been meeting all of the creative people along the way. 

We put a few of his pieces below - you can follow Amigo Modern HERE and order furniture Directly HERE












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