Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports Founder and President, seen wearing this "Fire Fit" from the gang! Dave has always been touted for his style and pizza knowledge, but we are just stoked to see Dave and the crew wearing Duvin Design. This just in... at a practice round this afternoon Portnoy was spotted wearing the Island Palm Polo, a flavorful choice for the president. Be sure to tune in to Portnoy v. Koepka and rep the same fit as Dave this weekend! 

Palm Tree Polo | Duvin Design Co.


Check out Dave's Duvin Collection below. Full sets are on the comeback- Dave makes wearing the Tanning Co fit look easy on the streets of East Hampton. 

Check out El Prez's most recent review here:  Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) • Instagram photos and videos

dave portnoy nantucket magazine cover shorts

Dave rocking the Beach Dweller shorts in the tough streets of Nantucket. The truck and shorts combo is electric! 

The Umbrella Button Up looking real good in Dave's most recent cookie review. That cookie fux... shirt might be a little better. But we are biased here. 

This one could be an all time favorite here at Duvin. Not sure if its the Poolside Cheetah golf polo or Dave getting after the dude for fake falling. Either way the fit is fire! 

Playing a dangerous game here, I could never eat pizza in a plain white tee. What do we think about getting Dave a matching top to the Pond Swim Shorts?

Dave portnoy pizza review shorts

Oh man... talk about a combo. Indiana State throwback jersey and Duvin's Team USA Dream Team swim shorts. Just in time for the Olympics! 

 Davey Day trader shirt

Duvin shirts are not just for pizza and cookie reviews. Check out Dave, Davey Day Trader, rocking the Flower Button-up during a trading session interview.

Dave Portnoy Pizza review pink button down shirt

Throwing it back to the Palmy Button-Up shirt in this older pizza review with El Presidente. I might start bugging the design team to bring this one back... still loving the bicolored palms. 

Check out the Barstool Sports Page for more photos and content of the team wearing Duvin: Barstool Sports 

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