flying car over palm tree

Collection of the Week: Mindness Boulevard

A longtime favorite page of the Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang. This art gallery is constantly dialing in the internet's best collages for our enjoyment. Take some time out of the long week and enjoy some art that takes on multiple dimensions. We have included a few of our favorites below, but be sure to check out the full art gallery here: Mindness Boulevard (@mindness_boulevard) • Instagram photos and videos

old couple on beach looking at UFOs

girl with eiffle tower

van goh sunroof

mindness boulevard

japanese waves and girl in bikini

flamingos and ducks collage

cars parked on space beach

girls with palm tree heads

ice skater collage on turntable

giant flamingo collage

pool and beach collage

saturn and flamingos collage

motel on the moon collage

surfing in the clouds collage

family pumping gas collage

flamingo eating fruit loops


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