Does this sound like the intro to a chain mail text? Yes, possibly.

 2020 has been anything but easygoing. As I am currently quarantined due to the virus outbreak, I have received texts from friends telling me they are, "slowly going crazy."

To avoid insanity during this time of "turmoil" (to say the least), we should collectively learn to cope with anxieties and have a clear focus on ourselves. Among many things, the Wim Hof breathing method is, “[A]combination of meditation, breathing exercises, and exposure to cold that can help you regulate your stress levels.”

According to his website, the benefits are endless. His method claims to:

  • Improve your immune system, sleep, mental well-being and concentration
  • Reduce stress levels and symptoms of depression
  • Increase willpower and energy
  • Help manage fibromyalgia symptoms

 Just before you think the “superhuman” line was clickbait, Wim Hof’s discovery has allowed him to push his body and mind to do things most of us would rule out as impossible. He is reported to have climbed the highest mountains in the world wearing only shorts, running a half marathon north of the Arctic Circle in his bare feet, running another marathon in the desert without drinking water, and standing in an ice bath for almost two hours. So, does his breathing method actually make him superhuman? 

To find out more, click below. I found this helpful (not to run a marathon, but at least stay sane while locked in my apartment) and I am sure you will too.  

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