Megalodon Shark in a Wave - Elias Marcel Garbe

Hey we've all come across our fair share of beach monsters. From the way too intense volleyball player, to the kick sand in your eye kid. None of those though, compare to these lurking creatures. Let's take a look at some of our favorite mythological beach combers: 

Finfolk: these ones are pretty wild because they're basically mermaids that have the ability akin to that of a witch. Not only that, they love chilling on the beach just as much as they love swimming their deep blue seas. You don't want to be caught in the crossfire of an angry Finfolk, unless you're into that sort of thing! 

Jengu: These are like your Betty to the Finfolk Veronica. If your stranded or in a state of misery you're going to want to run into one of these mermaids. They're good for what ails ya, and maybe they have some ale on tap! 

Kraken: Personally I think this guy gets a little too much attention. I'm guessing the old Kraken is just looking for someone to hang with and just sends the wrong message. Sometimes it's a little hairy being scary. From a recent appearance in Hotel Transylvania 3, and the next potential name of a Seattle NHL franchise, this tentacled "monster" isn't going away any time soon. 

Sirens: You know with a name like that this just isn't going to work out the way you want it to. These beautiful tricksters with their trickster songs are just leading you into a trap. The fishes in the sea are hungry and the Sirens are on their side not yours! They come from the sea and the sky, so don't let those seagulls fool you. 

Ogopogo: A little bit of Nessy in this one but he's cool as a cucumber. This big guy is a lake dweller, but he made sure he picked a lake with some silky sand beaches and plenty of beach goers to sing to. Some say he may just be made up of group of otters, but he knows the truth. 

Timingila: Unfortunately for this bad boy the name doesn't roll off the tongue, otherwise he'd be the name of about six different pro sports teams. Supposedly the most feared predator in the ocean this fish was devouring everything in sight. I'm not sure if the "tipped over vending machines kill more people each year than sharks" would have applied to the Timingila. But who knows, maybe he would rather splash around and make waves than eat sunbathers. 

Whether you're an avid and agile swimmer like Scuba Steve or an arm wailing rock you're going to want to keep one eye open during your hot, aquatic holidays for these magnificent creatures! 

March 08, 2020 — Nolan Fox