naked girl on raft with shark

Artist of the Week: Tony Kelly

Happy Monday gang - we have officially found our artwork for the new warehouse! Cruise some of our favorites below and make sure to follow Tony's full page here:

high heels and golf

action figure untying bikini

syncronized pool

lunch date with star wars

 pink high heels stuck in gum miami beach

girl tanning with airplane shadow on back

girl in bikini with surfer in background

bikinis and sunglasses

 girls tanning with bartenders

 naked girl walking into bank with high heels

model wearing a towel surrounded by storm troopers

hollywood sign with model in front

action figures untying high heels

bottle service on the beach

 model crashes ferrari into palm tree

mother daughter on yacht talking on phones

money talks vintage phone and sunglasses

climbing to the hollywood sign

naked girl on raft with sharks

 Full Collection Here:



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