two girls in bikinis on beach under disco ball

Artist of the Week: Gaia Barnatan

Gaia Barnatan, or @liquid_pink on Instagram, has been popping up all over our feed recently and we are beyond stoked to feature her as our artist of the week. We featured a few of our favorite pieces below, but be sure to check out her full collection on Instagram, she does not miss! Gaia flaunts a unique flair that takes you to a dreamlike place with surreal graphics peppered throughout her works. 

"Gaia, who lives and works in Byron Bay, is winning over the public because she is able to transport the viewer into a pop dimension that makes them dream. The combinations generated by her subconscious are enhanced by a palette that plays a lot with pastel, delicate, and aesthetic tones. It seems that food, especially sweets and candies, have a special place in the heart of the artist, which makes everything that happens to her within reach iconic." -Claudia Fuggetti

 living room on a beach with pink waves

guy fishing and catches the sun

pink cadillac floating in the sky

lemon sun over the beach

desert on the moon with girls tanning

the beatles abbey road on a zebra

pink cadillac floating in the sunset

living room outside on a sunset lake

desert moon on cliffs with astronaut walking

limes floating on a river in the mountains

bath tub overlooking the desert at sunset

full moon over hottub at sunrise

painting the beach at sunrise with a bucket


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