skater chick walking in space

Artist of the Week: Caitlyn Grabenstein

A big hump day vibe for this week's artist. Caitlyn is hitting all the right vibes for the gang at the office. She was even able to incorporate some lip ripping for our in-house bass master, Shaun O'Meara. Needless to say, this page has it all and Caitlyn is one rad collage artist. Be sure to check out some of our favorites below and her full page here- (@cult.class) 

man and woman kissing on car in front of an explosion

dancing through sunflowers collage

moon basketball league

night surfing collage

psychadelic road trip collage

punch buggie pulling up to the great pyramids

underwater twice collage

pool party in space

two men fishing for likes

space shuttle launching behind guitarist

bill withers collage in the flowers

space shuttle launching in mans arms collage

dining on the wing of an airplane

flamingo in Egypt with flowers collage

C30 boombox on hollywood blvd collage

women in bikini tanning in front of broken glass

fishing and skating collage

old couple on a space beach

head in the clouds skateboarding collage

jaws and caddy shack collage


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