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Artist of the Week: Alessio Franceschetto

Coming straight from Europe's boot, this Italian artist dials in his creativity with unique takes on everyday objects and situations. Alessio says, I love using witty ideas, which come from ordinary objects, to create something clever and new, every time. Needless to say the gang is stoked on this week's artist find! See more highlights and a brief bio of Alessio below. 

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Alessio Franceschetto is a graphic designer with a strong visual aesthetic. His passion for drawing and creating started at a very young age. In 2012, he moved to London and transferred to one of the Paul Smith shops where he soon accepted a position within the visual merchandising team at their head office. He currently works with the window display team, looking after the window graphics and computer visuals for new layouts and window designs. 

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This has got him involved in creating videos and cool animated visuals as well as in exhibitions and layouts and new campaign launch projects. He recently decided to take a more serious approach to his own designs, focusing more on the visual graphics. Alessio is still yet to disappoint the Filthy Flamingo's with any of his works. Stoked for more pieces in the future from Alessio Franceschetto.

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See Alessio's Full Page and Original Article Here:

Alessio Franceschetto (@alessiofdesign) • Instagram photos and videos

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